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November 12-13 2022

What's a datathon?

A Datathon is a weekend-long competition where you are challenged to work on real-world business cases from different areas of Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science. You are given some datasets in order to answer questions or implement solutions.


Our event will take place physically in UPC's School of Mathematics and Statistics, located in Pau Gargallo 14, Barcelona! You can find a map here.

You will have access to classrooms to work with your own laptop. We will provide you with WiFi. Meals will take place in the courtyard!


The event will start on Saturday November 12 at 9h, when we will present the challenges.

You'll be able to work for 32 hours. The event will end on Sunday 13 at 17h, when the closing ceremony will take place.


All university students are allowed to attend! Some data analysis or coding skills might be useful but not required to participate. In fact, there will be a special prize for rookies!

We will provide you with meals, WiFi and some nice swag. And of course, it's completely free!

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About us

We are the Data Students' Association! We are organizing the second edition of this datathon, jointly with FME. Among our goals, we aim to promote data science within UPC. If you are studying Data Science & Engineering, you should definitely join us!


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